This project seeks to create a digital exhibit presenting a historical narrative of the rise and presence of the Ku Klux Klan in the Spokane region during primarily the 1920’s and the dialectical relationship between the organization, counter-groups, and the power structures of the region. Paying special attention to the Klan’s ideology of an extreme “love of law”, this project will draw from sources located in the “Radicals” collection and the “Box of Hate” compilation of regional hate group material located in the library archives as well as from archived issues of the Spokesman-Review. Through the presentation of key elements from these collections alongside historical analysis and narrative in an engaging digital form, this history will be made accessible to those outside of the academic community. This project addresses the question of why these events occurred in the region at that point in history. Through contextualization with subsequent decades this project aims to tell the story of what happened to these groups and what strategies were used against them. The importance of this project lies in its ability to make this history accessible and investigate what we can learn from the past when confronting hate today as a historical development rather than simply an isolated incident. Click Here to browse the exhibits.